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Terry Towel Mattress Protector

Terry Towel Reversible Mattress Protector

$60.00 CAD $75.00 CAD

  • Made of luxurious terry cotton, this extra padded mattress protector will guard your mattress, feather bed or sleep pad against moisture and dust.

  • Why use a Mattress Protectors?
    Mattress protectors keep your mattress free of stains. Prevents your mattress from being exposed to dust mites, dead skin, fluids etc. And, increases the life spam of your mattress.

    Terry Towel Mattress Protector

    • Terry Towel Cotton
    • Sewn-Through Diamond Stitch
    • Cotton Piping
    • U-Fresh Protection
    • Elastic Corner Bands

  • No longer available in Queen and King sizes.

  • Washing instructions:
    1. Machine wash in cold or luke warm water.
    2. Tumble dry on low heat. DO NOT over dry to avoid damage to plastic corners and shrinkage.
    3. Use bleach free laundry detergents.
    4. Do not iron.
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