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Nature's Way Maize Duvet
Nature's Way Maize Duvet
Maize Fibre Fill is a 100% bio-based carbon material made from non-GMO reusable resources

Nature's Way Maize Duvet

$265.00 CAD

  • Our Nature’s Way Organic Collection carries the GOTS label, a standard that is globally recognized for organic fiber certification.

    Our Nature's Way duvet is made from high-quality organic cotton, which is left undyed and unbleached, retaining its natural colour. The luxurious feel promotes a comfortable sleep with a fresh look. Maize Fibre Fill is a 100% bio-based carbon material made from non-GMO reusable resources.

    Nature's Way Shell
    • 100% Organic Cotton
    • 400 Thread Count
    • Double Stitched & Piped Edges
    • Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard
    • Manufactured in Canada - material sourced from Israel

    • Very light, with good insulation
    • More breathable than regular synthetic fibre
    • Good moisture with temperature regulation
    • Low odor retention
    • Soft, luxurious feel

  • Most duvets should have a cover, which is much easier to clean and, like a pillow protector, helps shield allergy sufferers from a buildup of dust and dirt. It also guards against oils that can break down fabric and eventually cause filling to leak. Duvet covers should be washed weekly (monthly if you use a top sheet), but you won't have to wash the duvet itself unless you spill something on it.

    Everyday upkeep: Shake out duvet daily when you make your bed, to keep the filling from becoming flattened.

1. CORN: Corn is grown and then used to capture and separate CO2, transforming it into long-chain sugar molecules (glucose).

2. DEXTROSE: Enzymes convert the glucose milled from corn stems to dextrose, which is fermented into lactic acid.

3. LACTIDE: A two-step process transforms lactic acid molecules into rings of lactide.

4. INGEO RESIN: A process of polymerization opens and links the lactide ring to form a long chain of Ingeo pellets.

5. PRODUCTION: After extrusion and casting, the Ingeo pellets are refined into raw fibre fill.

6. O5 OPENING AND BLENDING: This process enhances the resilience, life span and softness of the Corn Fibre, simulating the comfort and loft of natural fills.

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