Luxury Dog Bed

Size Guide

Dog Bed Size Guide

30" x 20" / 76 x 51 cm
Medium 32" x 24" / 81 x 61 cm
41” x 30” / 104 x 76 cm
48” x 32” / 122 x 81 cm
  • Offering resilient support night after night, each Dog Bed is overfilled for the plushest comfort possible; providing a safe place of extended warmth and safety. Catering to any dog sleep style, this product will act as a place where hair and dander can stay put. Polyester Fibre Fill is a non-clump, hypoallergenic, anti bacterial & anti-microbial Fibre, providing warmth, insulation and comfort.

    Polyester Fibre Fill

    Our specially developed O5 Opening & Blending Cycle® is designed to open and blend the raw synthetic material to meets its maximum loft and softness potential. Allowing the fill to not only exceed hypoallergenic standards, but to also ensure anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. The result is a lighter, cleaner, comfortable, more responsive, and high quality, long lasting sleep product - designed specifically by Northern Feather Canada for consistent pillow support all night long.

    Zensation Shell
    • 100% Cotton
    • 240 Thread Count
    • Double Stitched & Piped Edges
    • Oeko-Tex® Certified

    • 5" Gusset for extended comfort (depth)
    Wrapped in a 300 Thread Count Dyed Jaquard, SIARA print with piping
    • Hidden Rust-Free Nylon Zipper

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