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Activity Floor Cushions

Size Guide

Floor Cushion Size Chart

20” x 30” x 5" / 51 x 76 x 13 cm
Medium 24" x 32" x 5"/ 61 x 81 x 13 cm
30” x 41” x 5" / 76 x 104 x 13 cm
32” x 48” x 5"/ 81 x 122 x 13 cm
  • Our Activity Floor cushions are perfect for adding extra seating space to your living room or around the house. They are ideal for gaming, kids activities, reading and relaxing, watching TV, listening to music and more! 

    Cluster Fibre Fill

    Our specially developed O5 Opening & Blending Cycle® is designed to open and blend the raw synthetic material to meets its maximum loft and softness potential. Allowing the fill to not only exceed hypoallergenic standards, but to also ensure anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. The result is a lighter, cleaner, comfortable, more responsive, and high quality, long lasting product - designed specifically by Northern Feather Canada for consistent support.

    Activity Floor Cushion Shell 
    • 100% Cotton
    • 200 Thread Count
    • Inside Seam
    • Oeko-Tex® Certified Shell
    • Includes: Removable Microsuede Cushion with Hidden Zipper

  • Everyday upkeep: Plump pillows daily to keep the filling from becoming flattened.