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- Active Performance - HyperForm® Pillow (Firm)

Size Guide

Pillow Size Guide

20” x 26” / 51 x 66 cm
Jumbo 20" x 28" / 51 x 71 cm
20” x 30” / 51 x 76 cm
20” x 36” / 51 x 91 cm
Euro 26" x 26" / 66 x 66 cm
Body Pillow 20" x 54" / 51 x 137 cm
  • Our Hyperform® Pillow is an innovation in light-weight sleep support that meets maximum loft recovery - this new down-alternative blend of 70% Natural Maize & 30% Gel FibreFill sets itself apart in precise sleep position alignment.

    Rest For Recovery: Recovery through rest is known to be a major benefit involved in a healthy lifestyle. A good night’s sleep can improve your ability to learn, sharpen your memory and heighten awareness. Our new Maize & Gel blend technology involved in creating the Active Performance pillow collection aims to suit the needs that any specific body in motion demands from superior sleep comfort preferences.

    Maize & Gel Fibre Fill

    Our specially developed O5 FibreFill Cycle® opens & blends together Active Performance's unique Maize & Gel combination for a lofty, flexible fill type with adaptable comfort. Filled with soft, comfortable and technically advanced hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial & anti-microbial fibrefill - designed specifically by Northern Feather Canada for maximum rest recovery.

    Active Performance Shell
    • 100% Cotton
    • 330 Thread Count
    • Deluxe Double Stitched & Piped Edges
    • Oeko-Tex® Certified

  • Firm - Ideal for most side and back sleepers; properly aligning the head, neck & spine with extended depth and support.
  • To protect pillows, encase them in pillow protectors (zippered covers that go under the cases). These covers keep allergens at bay while shielding pillows from hair and body oils, which can soak into the filling.

    Everyday upkeep: Plump pillows daily when you make your bed, to keep the filling from becoming flattened.

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