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Your Perfect Pillow - Sleep position

Our pillow fills, both natural and fibre fills, can be customized for stomach, back or side sleeping. Density determines the level of support. We offer three levels of firmness that will cradle the head in comfort while helping to properly align the spine for a good night's sleep.

Whether a person is petite or large will also contribute to which density is the best choice, as the curvature of the upper back and shoulders should also be properly maintained in order to sleep well and wake up refreshed.



Side Sleeper

Generally our firm support pillows are best suited for side sleepers, assisting in aligning the sleeper's head and neck.


Back Sleeper

All-around sleepers, or those who sleep mostly on their backs will want the extra support & plumpness that a medium density offers.


Front Sleeper

Our soft support pillows offer the low profile that stomach sleepers need to avoid over arching their backs.

Know your fill 

The best in luxury bedding starts with premium fill. Our Globally sourced fills are specifically formulated to enhanced the natural properties of down and feather, or mimic them through an opening and blending process. More...

Finishing touches matter 

An important part of a pillow or duvet is the shell and finishes that complete a perfected sleep product. Take a closer look at our innovative constructed Okeo-Tex® Certified shells manufactured to perfection through detailed finishing seam details. More...

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