Your Perfect Duvet - Room Warmth

Our unique Temperature Rating System allows our natural fill duvets to be easily customized to suit individual preference. Ratings of Level 1, 2 and 3 are assigned based on the ability of a duvet to retain and diffuse body heat at different bedroom temperatures. These ratings are a simple and reliable indicator that the duvet will meet performance expectations- whether in a bedroom that tends to be warm year round, or one kept as cold as possible, even on frigid winter nights. This Northern Feather Canada innovation is your assurance that the duvet purchased is the right one for that sleep environment.


Warm Room

18˚C to 24˚C | 64˚F to 75˚F



Cool Room

12˚C to 18˚ | 54˚F to 64˚F


Cold Room

6˚C to 12˚C | 43˚F to 54˚F

Know your fill 

The best in luxury bedding starts with premium fill. Our Globally sourced fills are specifically formulated to enhanced the natural properties of down and feather, or mimic them through an opening and blending process. More...

Finishing touches matter 

An important part of a pillow or duvet is the shell and finishes that complete a perfected sleep product. Take a closer look at our innovative constructed Okeo-Tex® Certified shells manufactured to perfection through detailed finishing seam details. More...