Our Story

DreamMakers is the exclusive supplier of the entire Northern Feather Canada bed basic collection. We specialize in providing any individual with the perfect sleep solution. Originally founded in Denmark, Northern Feather enjoys four decades of sleep success in Canada; through our history we’ve retained our Scandinavian values of design, function and a respect for the environment. Together we help contribute to a more sustainable world by using renewable resources, supporting our local economy and creating products that offer the most longevity at the highest quality.

Northern Feather Canada is proud of the advancements made in our production history; that have succeeded in improving the quality and affordability of bed basics. We have full control over our manufacturing innovations, overseeing every aspect of production - from washing and conditioning safely sourced raw material, to stitching finishing touches. Northern Feather Canada values the trusted relationships built in our extensive hospitality partnerships, translating to a highly informed selection of retail products exclusively available through NF DreamMakers.