Question: What is the difference between natural pillows and synthetic pillows?

Answer: Down and feathers are a natural fill that we use to fill our natural pillows; being a natural product this comes from a bird. Polyester is the synthetic, man-made product used for our synthetic pillows.

Question: What is the difference between down and feathers?

Answer: Down is the small ball of fluff generally closer to the body of the bird, think white dandelion pods. Whereas feathers are the outer parts containing the small steps.

Question: I stayed at a hotel and really liked the pillow in my room, how do I know which pillow I slept on?

Answer: Norther Feather Canada supplies their hotel partners with multiple different products; the most popular pillow among these hotel chains is the Natural Cloud 20/80 pillow. However, we encourage our customers to please give us a call (1-800-663-5965) prior to placing an order. One of our customer service reps will be happy to assist and identify exactly which pillow you enjoyed.

Question: I like a warm duvet but don't like the weight, are heavy duvets always warmer and better quality?

Answer: Many people are under the impression that purchasing a heavier product means warmer duvet. Simply knowing the weight and that the duvet is filled with all white down is not enough! Residue such as quill pith, feather fragments, dust, dirt and other foreign matter are often used to perpetuate the misconception, that heavier is better and warmer. The cleaner the down is, the lighter the weight and the higher the fill power. Downs main job is to keep you warm and quality duvet will do just that.  

Question: Are any birds harmed when down is collected?

Answer: No! Down and feathers used by our manufacture (Northern Feather Canada) are a by-product of the meat industry. While live plucking of the birds may occur within this industry, global companies such as Northern Feather Canada does NOT accept and/or support this practice. Something NF DreamMakers strongly supports and it proud to be an advocate for. 

Question: What is a Fill power/ loft factor?

Answer: Loft is measured by the insulating ability of down. The higher the number the lighter, fluffier and warmer the down is. Worlds best down comes from a fully mature bird. However many products are filled with a less expensive, smaller down cluster that comes from an immature bird. This down will not be as warm or fluffy and will also break down faster than a higher quality down cluster.