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Satin Noblesse - Alena Queen Duvet Cover Set

Satin Noblesse - Alena Queen Duvet Cover Set

$422.50 CAD $700.00 CAD

  • Large elegantly designed flowers in bright colors and great intensity are intertwined on violet background. Bright, fresh colors accentuate the Eve design giving it a fairytale lightness. These flower patterns are inspired by hibiscus, Cape daisies, and exotic fuchsia to produce a brilliant floral display.

    Linen Specifications 
    •100% Supima cotton
    • Satin Noblesse fabric for incredible softness

    Duvet Cover Set Includes
    • 2 Pillow Shams (21" x 31")
    • 1 Duvet Cover with hidden zipper enclosure (90"x 94")

  • • Colored and printed bed linen: Wash colored and printed bed linen at 60°; only use a detergent suitable for coloreds or fine items without an optical brightener.
    Loading the washing machine drum: Reverse the bed linen and close the zip fasteners. Place the linen loosely in the drum. Do not overload the drum as this will place a heavy strain on the fabric.
    Drying: Treat your bed linen and terry towels like fine garments; do not over dry.
    Ironing: Jersey bed linen by Schlossberg does not need ironing. Satin Noblesse and other Schlossberg fabrics require little ironing. To make your work even easier, iron your linen while it is still moist. Do not iron terry towels.

  • 1. Wash new bedding before using and wash white and coloured fabric separately
    2. Wash dark shades separately the first few times
    3. Do not overload the washing machine as it is hard on fabric

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