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Satin Noblesse - Pia Duvet Cover set

Satin Noblesse - Pia Duvet Cover set

$375.00 CAD $700.00 CAD

  • Satin Noblesse is woven from pure, long-staple cotton. Due to the fineness of the yarn the close-weave material is very lightweight. This means that the satin, also known as Swiss satin, weighs just 105 g per 1 m2 with a sett of 100 threads per 1 cm2. Satin Noblesse by Schlossberg feels wonderfully smooth, fresh and soft, and features an unparalleled elegant shimmer. 

    Why Schlossberg? 
    • Fiber length, shine, fineness and uniformity define the quality and price of the cotton. Only 10% of the world’s cotton harvest matches the high quality requirements of Schlossberg. Lasting year after year this fabric is truly luxury at it's finest. 

    Lovingly hand-drawn designs are the hallmark of Schlossberg. Passionate textile designers work in the Schlossberg studio, creating new, attractive designs for the new collections. They are inspired by the current fashion scene, interior design trends, art, culture and societal themes, as well as by professional trend scouts. Unique designs are created for each season – classic floral motifs, modern interpretations and simple coloured themes, as well as graphic patterns. The colour palette is almost inexhaustible. The characteristic drawing style of the artists is unique. From the initial research, to sketches and hand-painted originals, it takes a few months before the digital templates arrive at the printer for colour matching. It really is like owing a piece of art. 

    Linen Specifications
    • 100% Swiss Cotton, stitched in Canada

    Set includes 1 Duvet cover and 2 pillowcases (1 for twin)

  • • Colored and printed bed linen: Wash colored and printed bed linen at 60°; only use a detergent suitable for coloreds or fine items without an optical brightener.
    Loading the washing machine drum: Reverse the bed linen and close the zip fasteners. Place the linen loosely in the drum. Do not overload the drum as this will place a heavy strain on the fabric.
    Drying: Treat your bed linen and terry towels like fine garments; do not over dry.
    Ironing: Jersey bed linen by Schlossberg does not need ironing. Satin Noblesse and other Schlossberg fabrics require little ironing. To make your work even easier, iron your linen while it is still moist. Do not iron terry towels.

  • 1. Wash new bedding before using and wash white and coloured fabric separately
    2. Wash dark shades separately the first few times
    3. Do not overload the washing machine as it is hard on fabric

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