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Keep your body temperature consistent throughout the night with our lightweight silk duvet

Silk Duvet

$290.00 CAD

  • Keep warm all year around with our breathable and lightweight Silk Duvet! The silk fill is layered into the duvet shells which allows some built up heat to escape, keeping our body temperature constant throughout the night. It is less susceptible to dust mites making it hypoallergenic.

    Silk Fill
    Our specially developed NF5 Cleaning & Conditioning Cycle® is formulated to enhance the natural properties of our classic White Down; combining washing, rinsing, steaming & de-dusting cycles. Allowing the fill to not only exceed hypoallergenic standards, but to ensure its optimum loft. The result is a lighter, cleaner, comfortable, more responsive, and high quality, long lasting sleep product - designed specifically by Northern Feather Canada for extra warmth.

    Silk Duvet Shell
    • 100% Sateen Finish
    • 300 Thread Count
    • Double Stitched with Piped Edges
    • Oeko-Tex® Certified

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